I have whole uncut coupon inserts from the sunday paper for sale, inserts vary quite a lot by region, all coupons included will be pictured, please look at the pictures to ensure that you know what you are receiving, Thank you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Smart Source Triple Pack SOLD OUT

You will receive one smart source insert from 7/29, one from 8/12, and one from 8/19. Buy together and save!

Please click on a picture if you would like to see a larger image. 

 The inserts do vary by region, if it is not in the pictures then it is not in the inserts


Price is $0.19  per triple pack, plus shipping shipping weight is 1.92 oz

Shipping Prices
First Class Mail prices
less than an ounce to 4 ounces 1.95
4.01 oz to 8 oz 2.95
8.01 oz to 13 oz 3.95
Priority Mail
13.01 oz to 2.5 lbs 5.15
2.6 lbs to 12lbs 11.35
12 lbs to 21lbs 15.45
Above 21lbs MUST contact me for a price

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