I have whole uncut coupon inserts from the sunday paper for sale, inserts vary quite a lot by region, all coupons included will be pictured, please look at the pictures to ensure that you know what you are receiving, Thank you!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

SOLD OUT 10/27/2013 Whole Insert Bulk Quick Order Pack~Shipping included~

In this listing you can get a FULL priority flat rate envelope with:
     18 of the 10/27 P&G*
     18 of the 10/27 Red Plum* and
     18 of the 10/27 Smart Source*
For a flat discounted rate of $18.99 with 
Shipping Included 
this is 20% Savings and quick and easy to order

*make sure you look over the pictures of the inserts in the full listing so you know what is included. Inserts do vary by region quite a lot


  1. Hi, Kayla,

    Do you still have the bulk for this order? I would love to order one for me again. Love your service!

  2. I should have more soon but I need to get a good count. I will let you know when I do.

  3. hi i would love to get the full bulk order but i already have 20 smartsource inserts but was wondering can i get a discount if i buy 12 of Redplum and 12 of P&G inserts a total of 24
    please let me know
    i went to buy the insert on Sunday only to find that there was no P&G insert so i didn't want to pay for just redplum with smartsouse which i already had

  4. Please let me know if you 1 of this packages available.. I'm interested in getting one. Thank you.