I have whole uncut coupon inserts from the sunday paper for sale, inserts vary quite a lot by region, all coupons included will be pictured, please look at the pictures to ensure that you know what you are receiving, Thank you!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


It seems like the postal service was VERY rough on my packages last week.  The bulk packs in particular.  Several people received damaged packages with some or all inserts missing.  I am always trying to balance how many inserts can fit in a flat rate envelope so that I can pass the best value on to my customers vs.  how much the envelopes can hold.  I live in a small town and at the local post office the workers get very irritated by the amount of packages that I send out and how heavy they all are.  They always treat me like I am trying to cheat the system by sending so many full flat rate envelopes.  They do not allow me to tape the edges to offer better protection, even if I do not tape over the closure and the inserts are clearly contained by the envelope they tell me it defeats the purpose of flat rate shipping.  Prior to this week I have not had a package arrive damaged  for several months,damaged and of the thousands of inserts I send out every week I have only had about 3 or 4 damaged by the post office this entire year.  Please know that if you do get a damaged package. I will do my best to work out a good solution for you.  Please know that I never send out damaged packages and I do my aboslute best to make sure that they arrive to everyone quickly and safely.  Please if you receive a damaged package let me know.  Most of my customers are extremely polite and patient.  Please understand that this is not something I can control and it upsets me as much as you.  It does not benefit me in any way if your inserts get lost or damaged in the mail, and although I do not want anyone to be out the money that they paid for inserts, just know that it costs me money and inserts to resend packages and that if I refund your money I am still out the inserts that the post office lost and the money it cost me to ship them.  So try to approach me nicely about it so we can resolve it quickly and in a friendly manner.  So far it has not been cost effective for me to add insurance to every package.  That would increase my costs and decrease the savings I can pass on.  Like I said this usually does not happen so so far insurance has not been necessary.  I will work with you.

For those that have emailed me about their package already, I am working on responding to emails and will resend the packages I can, and get a refund to the ones that I can not.  My kids are getting restless and it may take me a little while but I will respond to you shortly
Thank you for understanding
EDIT:  Thank you to all my great customers I have discovered the the flat rate envelopes NOW come with insurance at no extra charge, I will be crossing my fingers and filing claims on the damaged packages but it can take up to 30 days and we all know that can be an eternity in coupon time, so I will work something out while we go through the claim process.  If you ever get a damaged package please take pictures, as the PO ask for them in the claims process


  1. Thank you for that, and I apologize if I seemed rude, I emailed you after talking with my post office and they got very rude with me about filing a report. Went so far as to tell me no one needs that many coupons anyways.

    1. Thank you
      I am quite frustrated with the post office right now. Have you sent me an email because I do not see one for the name you have on here.

  2. mine came intact this past week. :-)

  3. when will new inserts be available?