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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Some Things Have to Change

UPDATE 6/18/2016
Going back to Monday shipments :)

UPDATE 4/15/2016:
I have made it to the final quarter of my nursing program!!!
BUT my schedule is even less forgiving. I have 12 hour mentorship shifts on Saturday and Sunday and classes all day on monday. SO THE NEW SHIPPING DAY IS TUESDAY. I hate to have to push it back a day but I would rather that you know a realistic timeline.
THANK YOU for all your support and understanding.

    This last fall I started a nursing program, and although I have been in college for the last year or so, the program is much more challenging than I could have imagined. This is making it more difficult for me to give the coupon business the attention it deserves.  That being said I know that there are not a lot of places for people to get the coupons that they need, so I want to continue to offer them for sale, plus the bit of money that I can earn selling coupons is a BIG help to getting me through school, but I do not want to offer inferior customer service and I know that for some people I have been lacking in that area the last several months.  This coming term I will be starting clinical rotations which will add two full workdays to my schedule in addition to my classes.
   That being said the biggest issue for me is the random orders that come in after Sunday night when I print the majority of the orders and get them ready to ship out on Mondays.  So I think I have come up with a way to make things work more smoothly and be able to still offer my service but not feel so neglectful to my customers.
     SO, from now on I will only be shipping on Mondays.  Orders NEED to be placed by MIDNIGHT PST on Sunday, in order to be shipped out on Monday, orders placed AFTER MIDNIGHT on Sunday will go out the following Monday. On a rare occasion I may need an extra day to pack and ship orders, in that case some orders may not go out until Tuesdays.  I will do everything in my power to prevent this but I want customers to be informed of the possibility, in order to make informed buying choices. The Sunday order deadline should not be an issue for most people as I many times I am sold out before midnight on Sunday nights anyway, but the times that I am not the orders that were coming in throughout the week have become very difficult to find time to fulfill.   I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but I did not want to take this service away but I needed to find a way to make it work better.  

Thank you for all your patience and for being such amazing customers,

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